ADEM advantages, Value, Efficiency, Versatility

ADEM advantages

  • Saves time
  • Saves money
  • Improves user performance / quality of work
  • Easy to setup and use
  • Universal use – fits into various manufacturers heads
  • Greater ROI
    • durable to last longer
    • leading edge technology for next generation education
    • higher quality education which makes users more viable in the job market
  • Easy and reliable ordering / receiving


Dental Educators

ADEM empowers students to afford the best educational dental tools available and acquire real job skills to succeed.

alue: Price is important for students, and price is only one part of the overall value of ADEM. The ADEM price point will be at, or below, other current market models making it extremely cost effective for students.

There is a high degree of accuracy in all of our models including proper occlusion, articulation, realistic tissue, bone, and tooth composition.

The system’s human dental patient realism and lifelike responses result in greater on the job confidence and higher quality skills (proficiency), which can translate into better job opportunities.

fficiency: When students want something they paid for, they want it quickly and efficiently. The best technology should exist in dental education – and it does with ADEM!

This system increases the speed with which students can move from set-up to actual training by simplifying the mechanism and process for changing typodonts so that even a new student can make the adjustments needed without instructor assistance.

It is light weight compared to other simulators, making it easy to lift and manipulate.

It is easy to match and purchase parts through the online store so as you need supplies for your ongoing educational experience, everything is available in one place at the Paradigm Dental Solutions website.

ersatility: Sometimes life can be simple, not complex. That is the goal of this system for students – versatility through simplicity of the unique design.

This model’s universal fitting can be used within other manufacturer’s heads without having to purchase additional heads or parts.

Students can learn multiple dental disciplines in one model, providing a more realistic educational experience.

The models enable realistic life like experience including drilling, full irrigation, and drainage. The Phantom Face mask completes the simulation by providing a life-like skin that surrounds the oral cavity and typodont model.

For more in-depth ADEM information, go to the Paradigm website for Students..