ADEM advantages, Value, Efficiency, Versatility

ADEM advantages

  • Saves time
  • Saves money
  • Improves user performance / quality of work
  • Easy to setup and use
  • Universal use – fits into various manufacturers heads
  • Greater ROI
    • durable to last longer
    • leading edge technology for next generation education
    • higher quality education which makes users more viable in the job market
  • Easy and reliable ordering / receiving


Dental Educators

ADEM facilitates institutions and educators moving into the next generation of dental education to best support students preparing for the work force.

alue: The competitive price point plus all the other time and cost saving advantages provide an unmatched return on investment (ROI) for institutions. The five to ten year durability of the system affords cost savings for years by preventing frequent equipment upgrades and replacement. The leading edge technology of the system provides institutions and students with robust techniques and tools far longer than other systems.

There is a high degree of accuracy in all of our models including proper occlusion, articulation, realistic tissue, bone, and tooth composition. For students, the system’s human dental patient realism and lifelike responses result in greater on the job confidence and higher quality skills (proficiency), which can translate into greater viability in the work force. The ease of setup creates a more pleasant learning experience for students, and a satisfied prosperous student is any institutions goal.

fficiency: The speed from set-up to actual training is impressive. This was done by vastly simplifying the mechanism and process for changing typodonts so that even a new student can make the adjustments needed without instructor assistance.

Its light weight makes it easy to lift and manipulate, which creates a much faster, more efficient (and less frustrating) setup experience. This saves time in the classroom, making instruction time more efficient for instructors where they can spend more time on teaching and not on technical setup tasks and problems.

ersatility: The unique design allows our clients two versatile options. The entire system can be purchased all at once to move the learning environment quickly into the next generation of dental education. Alternatively, the existing learning environment can be transitioned gradually to ADEM through a series of changes since this system can easily be used with other manufacturer’s heads that are already in place.

For more in-depth ADEM information, go to the Paradigm website for Educators.